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BHP BillitonBHP Billiton Aluminium Southern Africa

Bayside Aluminium and Hillside Aluminium, situated in Richards Bay, together with a third aluminium smelter situated in Mozambique known as Mozal, comprise the southern African aluminium interests of BHP Billiton, the world’s largest diversified resources group. Together these three smelters produce in excess of one million four hundred thousand tons of primary aluminium per annum for global markets.

Bayside and Hillside Aluminium plays a leading role in the economy of Richards Bay and is one of the largest industries in the city. Richards Bay is today the headquarters of South Africa’s primary aluminium industry and boasts one of the country’s major deepwater ports that owes its very existence to aluminium.

Bayside and Hillside Aluminium’s greatest assets and strength lies in its people. The workforce is made up of many different cultures and is viewed as an excellent employer of choice. Hillside is proud to be listed in the Top 100 companies within South Africa and it is a significant employer in the region, concerned with the well being of its employees and contractors.

Bayside and Hillside Aluminium has an overriding commitment to health, safety, environmental responsibility, community and sustainable development and aspires to ZERO HARM to people and the environment.

The BHP Billiton Charter provides us with a framework on which to base the actions of Hillside Aluminium. It is a broad statement of the aspirations we share for BHP Billiton and its key stakeholders and is the foundation for our decision-making, actions and behaviours. It does not contain all the answers, but provides a reference point. In Richards Bay, it is important for us to retain our “license to operate” by being a good corporate citizen. It is also important for us to make sure that the community in which we operate actually values that citizenship.

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Chip Goodyear
Chief Executive Officer