Grass Root Orchestra 2010

Grass Root Orchestra 2010 - musical educationA project that will take Durban street-children into a programme of musical education.
A four year sustainable project to form with these young musicians an orchestra that will be ready to perform by 2010 when an International soccer event will be hosted by South Africa!

The new South Africa has not yet resolved welfare problems of a large number of people. Unemployment is high and many people struggle for survival. As a result, children of the destitute families as well as the ones who lost their relatives are often pushed on the street pavements and beg in an attempt to collect the meager means for their basic needs.

They are also often denied access to basic education and have to rely on welfare organisations to take their destiny in hands.

The project "GROW 2010" aims at contributing to this effort in bringing to these children some personal focus in life and a chance to learn how to play a musical instrument and therefore regain some dignity and pride.
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Grass Root Orchestra 2010 - musical education


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Letters of support

Grass Root Orchestra 2010 - musical educationBHP Billiton Aluminium Southern Africa

GROW2010 project has recently received the confirmation of its sustainability into 2010 with a donation of Rand 1 million over 4 years by BHP Billiton...
This is the final stamp of approval by an International Business Company of its recognition for a project that very humbly is aiming at giving a chance of social development to some children declared “at risk” in our surrounding society. Thank you BHP Billiton!
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Children’s Rights Centre

The Children’s Rights Centre is a non-government, non-profit organization that contributes to the creation of a sustainable child-friendly society in South Africa by engendering, at all levels of society, child-friendly policies and practices based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and S.A. Constitution.

We raise awareness, promote, & protect children’s rights & seek redress for violations through monitoring, advocacy & training. One of our focus programmes is to “Protect and Promote Children’s Rights for Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances”.
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